It Gets Better With Food And Friends.

I don't remember the last time I went out and chill ever since this year came. Everything was just stressful and depressing. I am just lucky to have a few people who are still there for me amidst the biggest crisis yet that came to me. I am slowly but surely in the process of solving it all and while doing so, I was just stuck at our house, drowning myself with being busy with side projects as well as me and my sister's small business in front of our house.

Anyway, when my friends for a few years whom I haven't seen for years talked about meeting up, I decided to give it a go for two reasons. One, I really miss talking to them and I want to catch up with their life and two, I thought that it's time for me to unwind even just a little.

Ralph and Rovhie has been my friends since the 'clan' days. We've manage to be kept in touch especially Rovhie (in the middle) that I sometimes invite whenever there's a party or event in our house. My family knows him and before, we would usually meet up and eat out. Ralph on the other hand just came back from abroad. Good thing we were still friends in facebook and we managed to communicate through it.

Anyway, they've learned about my ordeal. It made me feel better when they started asking me questions about what happened and I gladly told them. It's nice to have someone, even better to have two people making you feel like they truly care. I wasn't being dramatic. This moment is really special for me because eve after a few years has passed, we met up like we just met up a month ago. No awkwardness and we're really open with each other. I came home feeling better about the future.

We ate at Bannaple, my favorite resto in Cubao and now Rovhie's too. And good thing that Ralph liked the food there so maybe we can all go back. We stayed for about an hour and catch up on things. I feel really comfortable with them, talking about business and other stuff. I gave them a book each. They kept on teasing me that if I became really famous and I won't talk to the anymore, they'll post that I gave them a book and I have a sign as a proof. Lol.

For dessert, since Ralph's allergy is attacking him, only Rovhie and I got to have DQ Blizzard, which was just nearby Bannaple. We stayed a few more minutes before they accompanied me to Puregold to buy my supplies in my Graham Balls.

It was really fun and productive. This coming Saturday, I invited them to eat lunch at our house.

Ps. Aside from their food selection, taste and serving size, Bannaple's service is also top notch. Our orders arrived a little longer but we were informed about it and asked if we need anything else while waiting. It wasn't my first time dining there and with the way they assist their customers is superb. Ralph even though we're in a fine dining one until I pointed him the line to the cashier.

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