Uber PH: Unlocking Manila - Imagine a world with fewer, fuller cars.

Imagine a world with fewer, fuller cars.

I love love brands or companies who are obviously concern not just with their profits but also on the overall impact of a certain service they can provide that they know can make a difference, or at least a solution to a certain problem.

I've had a few bad experiences with some UBER drivers I booked but 90% of the time that I rode on an UBER car, it was an awesome experience. Since I discovered GrabShare and UberPool, I am guilty of still booking a whole car just for me whenever I go to a certain place or an event. There's this scary feeling of trying something new that I don't have a clue about.

Sure, I've read posts from people I know in social media that are quite satisfied with these services, but there are also horror stories. Another thing that I am concern about is the fact that I'll be with strangers in one car. I've been a passenger of vans going to certain places, so really, there should be no more worries since it's just the same. But the thing is, with the vans, they have the same route every time while in GrabShare or UberPool, they'd still have to find the way.

But beside these worries that I am sure is just a minor hitch in something bigger for everyone, I promised myself to book these services instead of a whole car just for me if ever I am alone.

I clicked the link and learned about it. The video in the website will say it all.

And I am writing this blog post because I agree with what they are trying to do.

When was the last time you were stuck in traffic? Yesterday? A few hours ago? Maybe even as you are reading this?  

With car ownership on the rise across Asia, we’re all slowing down. The truth is that our streets weren’t built to handle this many cars. The good news is that we can do something about it by using the cars on the road more efficiently.Up to 71 percent of the people we surveyed in nine cities across Asia believe that ridesharing services can replace the need for owning a car.The road to cities that move better includes fewer, fuller vehicles — and we’ve all got a role to play.Let’s #ridetogether and unlock our cities.

I've even had a character in a story that I've written in Wattpad that I used to put out the idea that I thought, as well as speak for myself as the writer of that story.

Ps. This isn't available in any bookstore. I self published it.But if you're curious, you can read it in Wattpad for free.

As you can see, I am one of the lucky ones who doesn't get to experience the everyday horror of traffic because most of the times, I am at home. I work at home, yes, but there are also times wherein I had to run some errands and events I should go to so I also feel the never ending traffic, especially in EDSA.

With UBER'S Unlocking Cities, they are encouraging its users to opt for sharing a ride instead of booking one car for one person. Or buying a car their self thinking it will be more convenient for them even though it will only add to the problem. It is true that it is their prerogative to buy their own car if they want to, but if somehow they can feel better and more comfortable in commuting, what's a car for?

I know that there are still a few things to consider such as the time that will be spent by a person in a hurry if they share a ride so maybe, you can try using the ride sharing program if you're not that really in a hurry or you're taking your sweet time. It will be a start!

That image above was a screenshot from the video that UBER used in the campaign. It depicted how one person in one box can occupy a lot of space. There are people fighting for a space at the side of the street to park, others are tearing each other's cars down, some people are eating in the middle of the street while they're in the middle of the traffic.

It's just so unfortunate that this is happening.

According to the study that UBER commissioned BCG or The Boston Consulting Group about the project, the streets of Manila isn't made for the high volume of cars that currently pass by it. It's like supply and demand. The supply of cars are just too damn many for the demand which is the streets. 

I hope everyone can support this project.

Let's #ridetogether and unlock our cities!

Kudos to UBER for this!

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