Deliverance | No Past Is Too Dark For The Love Of Christ

I have loved reading ever since I was little. My mother would always tell me how I kept on telling her to still read with me even though it's already twelve midnight. My grandfather was a school janitor and  sometimes he would bring me books he borrowed from the library. It was also the time when I started reading romance pocketbooks even though they all tells me not to, because I was still young.

My Tita has quite a collection of pocketbooks and I read when no one's around. Lol.

So my love for reading also developed the same time as my love for writing. I still read pocketbooks until I learned how Wattpad works. I discovered Wattpad way back before I realized that there's a lot of stories that's worthy of read.

I have seen how other readers said how they loved Deliverance and Noah Alessandro, the main protagonist. Lately, I haven't been reading that much because I became more focused on work and other stuff. But when Ceedee, the writer of the book and a very close friend of mine gave me a copy, I told myself that one of these days, I should read it.

December 24. We were getting ready to go to Cavite since we will be spending Christmas there. While waiting for them to be ready, I got the book and told myself I should look at it overall, until I opened it and I didn't realized that I was already on the second chapter, reading! That was when they are all ready to go, we booked an uber since we have a lot of things that we will be bringing. As much as I want to continue reading, I decided not to bring the book because there's a chance that it will just get torn or something. My little cousins can be a little mischievous at times.

Around ten at night, I was already getting ready to sleep because I don't feel like drinking or to socialize when I realized of just reading Deliverance on my cellphone. I have the Wattpad app and I told myself it's a nice way while waiting to be asleep.

Besides, I was also smitten by the fact that the protagonist is a bad boy. Lol.

So I started reading.

I got hooked. It's getting late and I told myself I should sleep because I can't not sleep because there will be too much to do the next morning, which was Christmas day. So I said, I can stop at Chapter 20. I forgot that and I realized it when I was already on Chapter 35.

Here's my feels and thoughts about the story:

I can't count how many times I shed tears while reading this book. I finished reading it at around 6am on December 25. While everyone's about to wake up to get ready, I already cried countless times, I smiled, I laughed, I wondered and of course, kinilig while reading.

Ceedee's way of writing a male protagonist doesn't need to be all about reminding the readers how good looking the character was, but to give the readers the character's personality with his thoughts, his ideas, the way he moves and his whole existence. I just can't say it enough, but Noah is just perfectly imperfect. And I love him like that.

It's no secret that I was in a constant battle with challenges even way before the past year. I am not religious. I would seldom go to church, but I pray at times. When life challenges started to come harder, that's when I realized I have no on to turn to but Him. Noah's situation reminded me of my own struggles. And how I found Him again.

And of course, not everything that's good about this book is all Noah. Patricia is actually the one to be really so inspiring. Imagine your parents leaving you alone (they died) and the person you trust and love doesn't actually love you. I mean, once you read the story, you'll see how heartbreaking their situation was and how they rose from it by their faith.

I already told Ceedee about this one, but I'll put it here. I usually hate a story having so many obstacles when all the while, the end game is still the same because I prefer stories which only has one or two but big problems/conflicts and detailed scenes where they solve them. But with this story, wow. I was just speechless because all I want is to know how they would resolve the current situation.

This story made it feel like being in jail is easier once you accepted and repent for your sins. I liked how Patricia didn't give up on Noah as she didn't give up on her life when everyone seemed to leave her.

This book was self published only; meaning, it's not going to be available to bookstores and other places. You can read the story for free in wattpad. You can just download the app and look for frustratedgirlwriter's profile. You can read it there.

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