Muhlach Ensaymada | World Famous Homemade Ensaymada

I can still remember how we would excitedly open the door, anticipating our mother coming home with a box of Muhlach Ensaymada as her pasalubong. We were just in grade school and Muhlach Ensaymada, formerly Megamelt has been her go-to as pasalubong to us.

I feel nostalgic whenever I would pass by this store. I can smell their baked goods and the memories of my childhood flashes back, as well as how their ensaymada tastes. Me and my sister had a few minutes to spare, so we decided to take a look inside. It's been ages since the last time I actually went inside the store.

We would just usually buy pandesal at the mini shop outside their main store. Its smell is also inviting. Their pandesal can be eater without palaman because it is so good!

The store is more spacious that I remember it to be, and they obviously haven't had the chance to stock up their supplies. The place is clean you can also buy other snacks at the other side of the store.

Okay, I also noticed these bottles of flavored sardines. This was the first time that I learned about this more diverse product. It has their logo so they must be the one manufacturing it. Which is nice, considering that they already have quite a name in the business.

At the left side of the store, there's this convenience corner. 

I already tasted a few flavors from their flavored ensaymada collection but I was surprised to see their variety widened! I bought a few flavors and I loved it. Me and my siblings tasted them and it's still the same as before.

The regular ensaymada can be bought for 16php each.
While the flavored ones can be bought 19php each.

You can visit this branch in Cubao with this address:

140 N. Domingo cor. Mayor Ignacio Santos Diaz Cubao, Metro Manila.

And oh, you can take a peek on how they do things inside because they have this are outside where you can see the inside of their bakery. Cool, right?

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