Foodie Adventures | Buffalo's Wings and Things (MOA)

Two weeks ago, me and my cousins from my mother side decided to meet up and go to The Dessert Museum (will post this soon) and just go around MOA after. We tried to look for somewhere to eat that we haven't eaten before and after a few minutes of walking, we decided to try Buffalo Wings and Things.

The main place is full, so we waited outside where there's also a lot of tables. We're too tired to look for another place to eat to. When we talked to Rachel, one of my cousins, she told us that they already tried eating here with her friends (this is where she treat them on her last birthday) and she's not satisfied. But Joanna, another cousin of mine who's Rachel's sister said we should still try. 

We ordered their set, which to our surprise, is cheaper if you see the content for its price. For 700+ pesos, you get four rice, two chicken fingers and two chicken wings and a choice of fries or another thing. Each tub of chicken fingers has four pieces of chicken fingers while the tub of wings has six. Okay, so we just have to choose our sauces.

When Rachel and Lester arrived, they ordered another set with different sauces so we can try.

After the second order arrived, we saw that there's already space inside. So I asked one of the staff to help my cousins, sister and Lester to bring the foods inside while I go to the bathroom. Before that, we had a little problem because Rachel got annoyed at one of the staff saying she can already see her waving yet chose to ignore here. We just told Rachel to calm down. 

Their fries is superb. We ate it all in seconds. Lol. We brought the quesadilla because we couldn't eat it anymore and we liked it. It's pure pork! Oozing, if I may say. They will give you disposable gloves so you can eat using your hands. Water is also unlimited!

But we didn't anticipated that most of their sauces are kind of hot and spicy. Okay, to be fair, we saw the chart, but we thought that we chose the lighter one (I can tolerate a certain amount of hotness) but most of the sauces tastes different. I just ate the Garlic Parmesan and the Roasted Sesame because all others are different and/or too hot for my taste.

Anyway, all in all, although the overall experience wasn't pleasant and all, I might still come back and tell my friends about this but I'll be very careful in choosing the sauces.

(L-R Lester, Joanna, Leng, Me, Faith and Rachel)

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