Foodie Adventures | Soul Potato (Hangout Food Park, Camarin Road)

This has been my third time in Hangout Food Park. This was just outside the village where I go to in Novaliches so it's very accessible to us. Unfortunately, the food park seems to on its way to being unoccupied since most of the stalls are already empty and the almost two hours we stayed there with my cousin, there's not a lot of people coming.

My cousin wanted to eat chicken wings, so she suggested that we try Soul Potato, one of the stores with the bigger space and a space for its customers to eat on its second floor.

Faith, my cousin, ordered her favorite ten pieces chicken wings while I ordered crispy chicken with cheese melt.

When I asked the cashier how long will it take for our orders to be ready, he said 15 minutes the most. But I swear, we waited for like, thirty minutes or longer! We were their only customers until we left which was already past 7pm so it makes me wonder how long are they still going to stay there.

Their 10 pieces chicken wings is Php150.
The Crispy chicken with cheese melt is Php100+ (I forgot the exact price)
Then we added Php40 for the iced tea.
They gave us extra plate and disposable hand gloves for the chicken wings.

Their rice serving is nice. It's bigger than regular fast food chain serving. The chicken isn't crispy, the cheese as you can see has got few burns. I am not really very particular with it but it gave of a bitter taste because of the burnt area. The taste is like a curry, it's a bit tangy and it's quite okay but the chicken is the breast part and it's not my favorite. Overall, it's okay.

The chicken wings on the other hand tastes okay. It's intense and also a little tangy but it's better than my chicken.

The iced tea is just your regular iced tea.

I might come back and try other offerings but I would surely stay away from the supposedly Crispy Chicken with cheese melt. Lol.

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