Staycation Diaries: The Hive at Manhattan

Located at the heart of Cubao in Quezon City, The Hive at Manhattan is a condotel that is perfect for people who would love to have a relaxing, comfortable and peaceful staycation without long rides leaving the city. We stayed at The Hive with two of my friends and enjoyed every minute of it. Let me tell you why this should be your next 'staycation' choice in one of your upcoming rest day or approved leave.

The Hive at Manhattan: Location

The Hive at Manhattan is a condotel in Manhattan Heights, Manhattan Garden City. The location is very easy to locate as it is just in front of Ali Mall in Araneta Center, Cubao. It's also a convenient place as it is near malls, bars, restaurants and other establishments. There's also a 7/11 within the building so if ever you'd want to get some snacks at the wee hours of the night, you are sure to get some.
But, if ever you'd want to somehow get some liquor or any alcoholic drinks, be sure to buy them before 10pm as there is a curfew and 7/11 won't sell you any drink with alcohol content anymore; not until 8am the next morning.

The Hive at Manhattan: The Pool

Yes! You can use the pool but only in the morning. No night swimming is allowed. It is best to take a plunge early in the morning so you can either have the pool to yourself, or there won't be a lot of people there. We didn't swim, this photo was taken around 11am in the morning and there are quite a lot of kids playing in the area as well.
Ps. Pool is only available every weekends.
This is one of my favorite feature outside of the room itself; you can take photos and just hang around if it's not too hot. It's also quite refreshing since there's a lot of trees and plants, which isn't usual in the city.

The Hive at Manhattan: The Room

The room's overall theme is red, white and gray. It is very pleasing to the eyes. The moment you walked in, you'll see the mini kitchen complete with utensils. There's fridge and microwave oven. And we like that there's also a few choice of drinks!

There's also wine and champagne glasses which is so cool! These drinks are complimentary and of course, not all of them are still full. Most are already empty but we still tasted a few of them. 

Look at the bed. We knew it's soft and comfy the moment we saw it and it was justified when we tried laying down. We literally did the 'Netflix and Chill' as the internet is fast and the flat screen TV is huge! 
The bathroom is clean and smells nice. They have bidet, a must have! The bed and the linens are clean. We didn't see or experience anything that we didn't like- well, okay. We did experience someone trying to open the door before we checked out and when we opened the door, there's no one in there. We didn't see anyone in the hallway which was quite long for someone to disappear immediately but anyways, aside from that 'weird' encounter, we loved every bit of our stay there.

The Hive at Manhattan: Night View and Night Out

This will be the view that you'll see once you go to the balcony of The Hive. The air is cold and you'll hear the honking of the cars and the business of Araneta Center. It's quite a nice view. The buildings are familiar to me since I am just around the area.
We had a few drinks and wine while catching up with each other. We were a bit loud, but it was intimate. It feels like we're really in an expensive hotel, but since it has a kitchen and a microwave oven, it feels just like we're at home.

The Hive at Manhattan: Why You'll Love it


The location is in the heart of Cubao, Quezon City. You don't have to go far. There are also malls and other establishments around the area. 


The Hive at Manhattan usually costs 1,300 PHP a night. This means, for a price of a night in a motel, you can experience the luxury of being in a hotel room that can costs up to 3,000 PHP or more in other hotels plus you can use the pool on weekends. Okay, let's add that Debbie, the owner, is also an awesome host!


Aside from the pool, you can also use their gym. You can jog around the garden area. If you're one of the people who's motto is "Instagram is life" then there are also many 'instagrammable' places around the area. There are tons of trees and plants that somehow filters the polluted air of the city and of course, the security is also a plus. Anyone without ID or notice from the host, which is Debbie, cannot go up or go in the premises.
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Until next staycation!

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