Personal Spa and Salon with Yoko Spa Salt and T-Top Professional!

Whenever I receive goodies from brands and companies, I always feel like it's Christmas. Aside from loving trying the products, the fact that I will be receiving things is just something I really look forward to. But when I specifically learned that I'll receive products from Shinebest Marketing, well, I am more excited!

You see, this isn't the first time that I 'worked' with them as they already sent me a few products from before.. and loved every product in that loot! Even my mom and sister always rave about the hair products we received and how we feel like we've been treated into a salon or something.

This time, they didn't just sent me hair products from their brand T-Top Professional, but also from Yoko Spa Salt! This brand is more familiar to me than T-Top was before. That's understandable as T-Top is actually being used more in salons and Yoko Spa Salt can be bought in Watson's and other stores in the malls.

I am happy that they sent me quite a lot of spa salt in different varieties that I can try. I was too dang excited to try these. I'm a sucker for scrubs, literally. What I love about these is that the grains are so fine and gentle on my skin. No tearing! I tried other spa salty before and sometime after using it, I can feel little tearing on my skin. These did not. The scent of every variety is also very appealing, not too strong on the nose. I particularly used these in my face first as I love exfoliating before I put in other products on my face.

Taking a bath became more enjoyable for me and my mother and sister as we look forward to using these. My brother even joined the club as he is also curious about it.

My favorite on the bunch would be the Milk one. I've been a milk girl ever since and I love that they have a Milk variant. I love it so much!

Note: Beware in buying fake Yoko Spa Salt products. Tons of fake Yoko Salt Spa is on the market. It is advisable to just buy on the official store of Yoko Spa Salt or in authorized retail stores.

Moving on to the bunch of T-Top products they sent me.. What can I say? The Spa Lock Colour Shampoo and our all time favorite Ice Collagen Repair Treatment didn't disappoint. These products can make your hair seems like you've been into a salon, no questions asked.

I already tried their Soothing Cream before and I used it every after I just colored or bleached my hair. I feel like it is the perfect product to sooth my hair and scalp after the harsh coloring or bleaching. Have you ever felt like your hair is saying 'Thank you' to you? Well, that's how I felt whenever I use these.

The Hair Mask is new to me, but nevertheless, it worked as a fine conditioner for me. I used this twice a week from the first time I tried it. I leave it in my hair for a few minutes before I rinse it and feel my soft hair after washing.

These two are my personal favorites. I love how T-Top has a wide range of products for colored and treated hair that you can use personally. Their Colour Save has been my fave products for consecutively two years now. For someone who constantly colors their hair like me, this is a must have. It makes your hair colors protected in a way that it won't fade fast than it should be.

You'll just have to get past the strong smell of it but the benefit is good. The spray bottle has a lock, so it is safe to be brought anywhere.

I am mostly excited in trying Macadamia Oil the moment I laid my eyes on it. I used to hate any oil products as a teen but slowly realized how I can get past the 'oiliness' because of the benefits, and this one's a good example of it. I looked up the benefits of Macadamia Oil in my hair and surely, I am more than happy to use this on me! I super love the scent. My hair became more manageable whenever I use this. Honestly, I hated how my hair is so unruly, but Macadamia Oil saved me from having troubles.

Thank you so much for Shinebest Marketing for letting me try these products! I feel like a kid who received my favorite gift on Christmas!

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