Quick-bites at Isla, Mister Coco and more! | Viga, Catanduanes

My last few days in Catanduanes is quite busy. I've been going all around because I want to use my time more wisely, making sure I can cover the place I can go to while I was there. Viga has been said to have a number of snack houses and that there is a place where they serve Pizzas. So off we go.

Aesthetically pleasing - that's what I thought when I first saw Isla. An 'instagrammable' place where they sell pizza. Ah, I was so excited. I went with my cousins, sister and friends.

The place is very spacious and the high ceiling gives it an elegant vibe.

The ISLA logo is made of thread going around nails that formed the word ISLA. It wasn't the first time I saw an artwork like this, but it was very commendable knowing they used this artwork to display their logo. So of course I took the opportunity to have a picture with it.

But my giddiness came to a halt when we learned that when we came, the only food they are serving are burgers, and no pizza yet!

So I have no choice. Rather than coming back home hungry, the burgers will do. Besides, the kids might be disappointed. They were also very excited to come knowing we'll be eating pizza. I guess, I can just come back when I can if I want to taste their pizzas.

This side is also good for photos. Wow.

Anyway, I asked if we can still go somewhere else because I wasn't really satisfied with the burgers that's quite expensive. Lol.

After going around Viga a few times and looking for a few possible places to go to and eat at again before heading back home, this little snack house in front of a school won. We ordered fried siomai and mango shake. The good thing is that, they used real mango in the shake. The siomai is also good!

Happy kids before going home!

Last snap in front of the school! lol.

I tried to find their facebook page but I guess they don't have one, even the locals aren't tagging Isla whenever they post or go there.

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