Something Happened w/ My Money in Paymaya.

I discovered Paymaya around December 2017. I was hired as a ghostwriter via a US based digital Publishing Company and they pay me thru Paypal. The thing is, I have no active bank account at that time and I was in a middle of my personal crisis. My government documents are already expired and it'll be too long before I can apply for a new bank account to be connected to Paypal so I can encash my salary.

I got wind up of Paymaya. I really thought this was a life saver.. and for a while, this was what's running through my mind. For about 2 months, I used the money I transferred to Paymaya to pay our bills such as our internet and water and electricity bills. It was hassle-free because I don't have to leave our house to pay over the counter. I started to encounter an issue around last week of February 2018 because I couldn't pay our Meralco bill even though I did the steps before.

It was frustrating when I had to contact their customer service. I already told them what happened, sent them the screenshot that what I was doing was right but their app isn't accepting it. At first they said that the system is the problem and that I should wait until Paymaya is operational again, but what frustrates me the most is that it seems that they didn't check the screenshot that I sent for them to check other possible 'issue' or reason why I can't pay and it says error.

This was via twitter because brands or businesses seems to be more active in answering queries on twitter nowadays.

Anyway, I didn't just pushed it through since they did not responded since my last message and as much as it frustrates me, I just decided to send the money to my Aunt's RCBC account since it's listed in the brands that I can transfer money to.

As you can see above via Paymaya App's receipt, the money went through.

But after 2 weeks, my Aunt said no money went to her account. So I had to talk to their customer service agents again to know what happened.

But this is just what happened. 

We were just on the loop! But I cannot give this up since it's P3,000 and I worked hard for it, even though I already stopped working for the same company, I still have to get the money.

In between messaging them in twitter, I also called their hotline a few times. I have been in queue most of the time and the longest I waited was more than 20 minutes! I mean, I can be the most patient person but that was a really long time waiting.

 It was more frustrating than ever because most of the agents I talked to seems not to know what to do or say that they just told me to wait '3 business days' or '7 business days' for reversal, which was I requested since the money wasn't received by my Aunt's RCBC account.

It went on for months. They kept on giving me reference numbers for my issues but of course, nothing happened! It was a horrible experience. I know that the customer service representatives couldn't do anything about this because they were just transferring issues and queries to the 'relevant team' but I just hated it that they were giving me different answers. I decided to stop calling for a few months to clear my mind. I was being stressed because of it! I read somewhere in Reddit that I shouldn't be actually giving vital information on twitter about my account because even though they are working for that brand, they are still individuals who can do something bad using the information I gave them.

Anyway, this year, I was doing better so I kind of tried calling them again. One agent I talked to seemed to become stressed as well knowing it was already one year since my issue happened and she knew I kept on calling since she saw it on my account. She seemed to really want to help me so she suggested that if it's okay with me, I should be the one to call the Bayad Center and the RCBC customer service so I can personally know what happened.

At first, I was a little mad because this all happened because I used their APP! It should be their responsibility! In between this, I still send inquiries via twitter but as usual, they kept on going around beating the bush. That was when I realized that they really don't read or check the messages beforehand before actually answering the current DM or message on twitter.

So I called the Bayad Center (since I was informed that the money goes thru them before it reaches the bank or other businesses that paymaya uses as well) and RCBC. The lady in the Bayad Center was very helpful. It seems like she also got frustrated knowing this was already a year since it happened. She told me that the money went thru the same day as the system said. Ok, it went thru to the Bayad Center. When I called the RCBC customer service, the guy I talked to said he needed to talk to the bank account owner so I have to wait until my Aunt can go to our house. When she arrived, I have her called and the representative told her that no money went thru to her account on that date and time.

So these are the latest conversation I had with their representative via twitter. 

You see, I am the type of person who, as much as possible, is really calm when talking to customer service representative because aside from being one of them before, I knew the struggle of being in the front lines even though you were just trying to be helpful, but sometimes I cannot help myself. I wanted to rant to them, making them feel how mad I was and how Paymaya is being inconvenient for me but I had to endure. Somehow, it all started to get better.

When I read that message, I said, FINALLY! I knew it will still take some time but at least, my 'issue' seemed to have been given their 'special' attention already since it only took them 8 days since the last time I asked for an update.

There has been no update since the last time they said they'd update me once it's settled. I also couldn't ask my Aunt to check her account yet since she's still in the province. She would probably be home this week and we'll know this time.

Anyway, this could happen to you. I would still use Paymaya but I would be more careful this time. This problem has given me headaches and heartbreak. Some of their representatives are clueless as to what steps to do once this situation happened and I am still glad of the representatives who were very helpful in making sure that I can get back my money.

I will post an update if I already got my money but the question still remains.. what happened to the money that the Bayad Center received it and sent to the RCBC account but the RCBC account somehow didn't?


They sent me back the money last year. And I am still using paymaya up to this day.

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