Sleepwell Melatonin Supplement | Does It Work?

It's no secret that I have issues with sleeping. There are times that I can't sleep within the 24 hours, or sometimes I just don't want to sleep, there are also times when I hope that I would just sleep. But my recent problem with sleeping feels just too much. I was feeling sleepy normally, but the thing is, I automatically wake up every 2 to 3 hours and then I can't go back to sleep because I am not sleepy anymore. It's like my body clock has an alarm every 2 to 3 hours that I was asleep and then when I wake up, 'll probably feel sleepy again after 20 hours or so. I tried to just shrug it out, thinking it's just probably a phase like most of my 'sleep issues' until I felt that it is taking its toll on me.

I can't concentrate on whatever work I do. I always feel tired and I am sloppy in anything that I do. All I think about is wanting to sleep longer. I was juggling two part time work and some blogger activities and I hate that I feel being grumpy most of the time because of the lack of sleep. After almost a month of the routine, I decided that I got to try something or I'll be crazy if it continues. 

I tried Sleepasil before.. I actually couldn't remember if it worked because that was about four years or three years ago. I don't remember, but maybe that means it did not do something worth remembering about so I looked for an alternative; an over the counter pills that I can try.

Sleepwell came up.

I'm kind of scared in trying because I was thinking that there could be a chance that I'll become dependent on it if it happens to work on me but I just really want to be able to sleep like a normal person. The longest sleep I ever had during that time was 6 hours the most, and it only happened twice, if I remember it correctly.

According to Watson's website, Sleepwell is a dietary supplement that helps induce sleep in people with disrupted circadian rhythms (eg; those suffering from jet lag or those who work the night shift).

That description spoke to me. But then again, unlike before, I actually feel sleepy on normal times and my problem is having to sleep longer. Each capsule contains 3mg of melatonin which, according to wikipedia, is a hormone that regulates the sleep–wake cycle. I don't know how many melatonin I have to take but I was just desperate.

While waiting for the food that me and my workmates ordered, we stayed in front of a Watson's store, so I took the opportunity to buy some. It's cheap, for 15php each, I bought 10 pieces just in case. I came home tired as hell from the whole day of shooting and doing stuff.

I took 1 pill when I was already feeling sleepy.

I still woke up after a few hours.. but then, the thing is, I was still too damn sleepy that when I closed my eyes, before I knew it, I was already asleep again. I woke up the next morning and realized I slept for more than 8 hours. Hallelujah!

I was too dang excited after it. I wanted to post about this immediately but I realized that I should try it again for back up information. Also, I was catching up on sleep, so that afternoon, when I was feeling sleepy, I took another pill. Yes, I woke up again after a few hours and again, I was still sleepy so I continued sleeping and had 9 hours of sleep. I woke up before midnight.

I was having a party in my head. I was feeling better. I don't feel too tired that much.

I took another pill that night again.. but this time, my sleep wasn't interrupted. I just woke up realizing that my sleep was continuous! I was blown away.

That was the last time I used it because I feel like I am already happy with the way I am sleeping.

It has been two weeks since I last took a pill. My sleep aren't continuous or perfect every time but I don't always wake up after 2 to 3 hours anymore. It's like Sleepwell regulated my sleep or my body or something.

Last words:

Sleepwell worked for me. I did not overslept or something. My longest sleep when I took a pill was 9 hours the most. I took a pill when I was already sleepy, so Sleepwell did not induced my sleepiness. If you want to know, I am a big girl. I stand 5'7" and I probably weight 95kgs. That might be a factor when you try this. My cousin asked me if it worked on me, but she said her concern is that she might sleep longer and be late at work. I told her to try it first in her rest day. She's a fairly small girl, and I think it might be a factor so I told her that.

I still suggest to seek a professional help. 

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