Boozy PH; Your personal liquor delivery service!

Usual errands such as buying food or groceries has been made easy and convenient by food and grocery delivery apps. You'll just have to open that certain app, choose what you want, pay, then wait for it to be delivered. A lot of people opt to these services because it gives them more time to do other more important things or tasks.Pay for the convenience, as others say. And while it is in fact, a very innovative idea, Boozy PH emerged as your go-to liquor delivery service.

Boozy PH is a liquor delivery service that offers your favorite brand at a liquor store prices. 

They may not have an app, but they can be accessed through a browser. When my colleague wanted to try their services, we were laughing because we weren't told how long should we wait before it would be delivered. We were around Quezon City and even though the website said that it's 60-90 minutes if it's around Metro Manila, our order arrived at least after 3 hours.

They have an impressive category as well as extensive list of brands and types of liquors you can choose from. We were already down with Soju and any brand of Moscato, we just added two random beers to taste.

The service is hassle-free, truth be told. We just waited until it arrived at our doorstep. The delivery guy even asked me to check our orders. We just paid cash and then off he go. They also accept credit cards, which to me, is another level of convenience in their service.

This is what their receipt looks like. 

Anyway, our order arrived in this eco bag. Another plus points for Boozy!

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