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One of the noisiest names in the league of Samgyupsal restaurants today around the metro is Premier the Samgyupsal. Even before going there, I've read and heard some people tell me that Premier the Samgyupsal is already in their top places to go to if they're craving grilled pork. This got me excited. I'm not really that particular when it comes to Samgyupsal restaurants. I've been to a lot before this and all I usually look for are extensive side dishes, good customer service as well as the meat selection for its price.

This particular branch is along Banawe street. They're on the first floor of a commercial building. They might not be easy to spot because you still have to go inside to see the sign at the door but the building is pretty easy to distinguish.

They have big tables and comfortable seats. The place is spacious and not too crowded to look at. It's already past lunchtime when we came in so there's not a lot of people but there's still quite a few customers coming in.

The staffs and crews are attentive. We didn't wait long for the meat, they also automatically ask you if you need anything if they think you do. From drinks to the meat and to the side dishes. It's also pretty chill in there.

In the past, most of the Samgyupsal restaurants I've been to don't serve cheese and the side dishes may be extensive but the selection isn't as impressive. Premier the Samgyupsal has over 15 types of side dishes in rotation: steamed egg, doenjang soup, seafood soup, fish cake, corn salad, danmuji (pink radish), sweet onion, pickled cucumber, pickled radish, singsing sausage, kimchi, vegetable salad, corn salad, sweet potato, peanut, potato marble, beef bulgogi, sayote with sausage, melchi, yang yum pork or beef, spicy braised tofu, kongnamol, oimuchim and pamoochim.

They have a selection of 9 kinds of meat! Also, their meat presentation is no joke. It feels like they treat it as an artwork and I am very impressed with the overall execution and look.


(Samgyupsal, Moksal, Yangnyeom Dwaeji, Daepe, Spicy Chicken and Soy Chicken)
Lunch: 398php
Dinner: 448php

(Samgyupsal, Moksal, Yangnyeom Dwaeji, Daepe, Spicy Chicken, Soy Chicken, Woosamgyup, Marinated Beef, and Bulgogi)
Lunch: 448php
Dinner: 498php

You'll really see that the quality of the meat they serve is a premier, true to its name.

For its price, it's already a steal! So seal the deal and try Premier the Samgyupsal.

Look at the smile on our faces even before we dig in!

Ground Floor, BLC Building, Banawe Corner Don Manuel Agregado Street, Santo Domingo, Banawe, Quezon City
02 84209592
+63 9175861117

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