Foodie Adventures | Konnichiwa x Konbanwa (Banawe)

About five years ago, I started to frequent Banawe Street because of the office of the company where I used to be an exclusive writer was located nearby. After either signing contracts, getting complimentary copies or whenever there's an event there, I and some of my co-writers would usually go to Banawe to eat at a certain dessert buffet there.

That was the start of me, exploring Banawe Street. I soon realize that the street is full of restaurants, may it be a well known one or some old restaurants. It was like an old Maginhawa Street in away.

Fast forward today, Konnichiwa x Konbanwa added a charm to the already charming strip of restaurants in Banawe Street by adding a twist not just in their food and drinks, but also to their service.

My first impression when I went inside is the place seems a bit contradicting with the neon sign and the lowkey look and design of their outdoor seating space compared to the indoor space which looks very classy. I didn't know that later on, it will be the least of my concern as the happy time slowly crept in.

They have available tables for beer pong which is located in the outdoor area. You can ask the staff if you want to play beer pong so they can assist you.

Konnichiwa x Konbawa offers traditional and fusion Japanese food. I may not be the biggest fan of Japanese food but I can appreciate the delicious taste of the ones I tasted in Konnichiwa x Konbanwa. They don't just look delicious but they also taste delicious!

What I liked the best is that their servings are bigger than other usual Japanese restaurants. One of the owners actually talked about how he feels 'bitin' whenever he eats at other Japanese restaurants because of the small servings so he made sure that Konnichiwa x Konbanwa can offer something different.

The best of it all, they are not as expensive given the size of the serving of the food, which is another plus!

Konnichiwa x Konbanwa isn't your typical 'Banawe Resto' because it is actually a gastropub. They open at 11am to serve lunch and when the night comes, it slowly becomes a one-stop-shop place to chill and drink with friends and colleagues.

They have a full bar inside which offers amazing drinks and cocktails!

You might want to check them out!

Konnichiwa x Konbanwa
939 Banawe Street, Quezon City
Open: 11am - 2am (or so)

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