The Skin Bar Rejuvenating Set: Thoughts and Review.

In my whole skincare journey, it's only my third time to try or use a rejuvenating set. With all of the promise of better skin if you use them, do they really work?

Just a quick background, I have combination skin. My skin can be really oily or be really dry at times. I don't see this as a problem most of the time because in my case, I just use face scrub if it's really dry and just wash my skin more often when it's too oily. My pimples and acnes started to come out on my teenage tears. I still have some of the scars and even though pimples and acnes still come and go, it's not as bad as it was before.

For most of the work I do, I have to meet and talk to people, so as much as possible, I want to look presentable and pleasing. My acne and pimples aren't helping, so I am constantly experimenting with products that can help me reduce its appearance.

Like I said, The Skin Bar is only the third Rejuvenating Set that I tried so my comparison will only be within 3 brands.

This won't be an in-depth review, I'll just describe my overall experience while using the whole set for more than 2 weeks upon writing this post.

The color and branding of the brand are really cute and consistent. It consists of the usual products that the usual rejuvenating set has. I just hope that they put the ingredients and other important details on each product.

Anyway, since I was told that this set is mild and will only be giving me micro-peeling or no peeling at all, I wasn't expecting any much reaction or so. Before I talk about the effects and experience, I would like to talk about the individual products in the set. I can say that in all of the rejuvenating set that I tried, the toner in this set is the mildest. Mildest in terms of smell and the feeling whenever I use it. I also love the fact that it has another cap/lid inside, making it really secure from leakage. The soap isn't as soft or easily dissolved as most kojic soaps I tried. Been using it for more than two weeks and it's still more than half it's the original size.

Moving on to the day and night cream, can I just say that the day cream's mattifying effect is something that I look forward to using it every day? It's like a cream and primer in one. My face feels so smooth as if I put on a powder whenever I use it. The night cream is good as well. Both have a mild scent and did not give me any harsh reactions upon usage.

The first three days of using the rejuvenating set, I did not feel anything. My skin feels refreshed upon doing the routine, but it was on the fourth day of using that I started to feel the tightening of my skin. It was at that moment that I became a little bit excited about what will happen next. By this time, my pimple scars are all dry now.

The tightening of my skin continued until the sixth day, and then micro-peeling started. It's not really that noticeable at all. I continued using it because I enjoyed doing the routine by then. I saw my skin lightening on the eight-day.

The micro-peeling stopped but I still kept on using it. To be fair, the changes aren't that life-changing, but I was happy and satisfied because I love that instead of looking haggard and oily whenever I am out while using this set, my face looks dewy and a bit of 'glass' skin looking.

I'll only have a few more days that I'll be using this before the creams run out, but this was a nice experience. The best set of the 3 sets that I used so far. Mild and refreshing to my skin. This is recommended.

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