Experience Cozy and Rustic Vibe in Ryu Pub and Bistro.

Whenever I am in Lucena, it's like a tradition for me to try different places and different food within the area of Lucena Bayan or nearby. This time, I was able to come and experience one of the most well-known places around. I have seen a few photos of Ryu on Facebook so I was delighted to come and see the place personally.

I didn't expect it to be this huge, but I love the cozy and rustic vibe of the place. The first thing you'll probably notice is when you come inside, the area looks like a typical coffee shop or cafe, but if you walk further, you'll see the stage and the bigger tables perfect for large groups to chill and enjoy. It probably looked more spacious because there were only 2 more customers that were inside aside from me and my cousins.

It's nice that they have a lot of listed food and drinks available on their menu, but when we tried to order pizza, it's not available at that time as well as some of the drinks we preferred. It's understandable because since we're still in the middle of the pandemic, having too much in the inventory might make the business suffer. So we ordered something that they have on the menu.

Waiting time is a bit longer for our orders, but we pass the time by taking photos around. If not for the same outfit, you'll probably think we're in different places from the different photos since there are corners around that you wouldn't think from the same place.

We just came from a wedding so we didn't order something heavy. We opted for chicken wings and potato fries. I love the presentation of food and drink. I mean, it looks fancy and it does very well with the overall look and feels of the place.

The drinks are nice. Tasty but not very sweet. The fries are okay, too, but the wings tasted a bit different. It's bland and it tastes "old" in a way. I don't know it that's the usual or it just so happened at that time but I can still give them a try again if ever I'll have a chance to come back.

Their restroom is also very spacious. It's clean and smells nice. I'm a sucker for this kind of restroom.

Ryu looks aesthetic even from the outside. You'll never think that this little place is actually huge inside.

Anyway, if you want to know more about Ryu or if you want to visit them as well, you may read or check out this post I did on my page PINOY VIBE.

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