A Homey Lakeside Accommodation in Laguna: Mhai Bet Place Lakehauz.

It's probably one of my most memorable trips in 2020 because I'm with my friends that I am most comfortable with and the overall experience when we were there is an adventurous one. You probably already know that Cavinti Laguna has a lot of bed and breakfast places that are just along Caliraya Lake. Mhai Bet Place Lakehauz is one of them.

Mhai Bet Place Lakehauz has 3 rooms in the main house. Two regular rooms on the first floor where the main dining area, kitchen, mini bar, and the only bathroom is located as well. The main house is made of wooden and concrete materials but the interior is made to look like a regular house in the province making it cozy and warm.

The third room is the whole second floor of the main house. It has a terrace, a flatscreen smart TV and its own living area.

The terrace is overlooking the lake, but you can also see the 3 stories open structure in front where the outdoor dining area and the second kitchen is located.

This is where we spent most of our time there. This is where we ate our lunch and boodle fight dinner, we took some photos here and sang the karaoke.

The food is home-cooked and will be served to you hot and fresh.

You can request to experience some activities for a fee. We tried riding the ATV, Kayaking, and Jet skiing. The karaoke is free to use and you guys can use it whenever since they don't really have a curfew and the area is just near to the lake.

If you want to know more, you can read the feature I posted on my page PINOY VIBE.

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