Prettier Than Pink: The Ruby Chocolate Cookies by Fet Boys.

Right off the bat, I'd tell you that these ruby chocolate cookies called prettier than pink from Fet Boys are a piece of heaven for people with a sweet tooth like me. If you think it looks delicious from the photos, wait until you get a piece and try it for yourself!

Ruby chocolate is a chocolate made from "ruby cocoa beans" that grows from a purple pod and when unprocessed they have a purple tint. The natural purple color of it usually fades after fermenting so a change in this process could retain the purple colour that becomes pink once mixed into the final ruby chocolate.

Yep, pink chocolate without artificial color exists, and you can taste it with these cookies from Fet Boys!

I received 3 giant Prettier than Pink cookies. I took my first bite after taking these photos and they're kind of soft and warm because of the room temperature. It got a little messy but it didn't bother me at all because I was already focused on how delicious the cookies are. I let the fam taste it as well after putting it in the fridge for a little while so it can be more solid.

Everyone loved it. We can't stop talking about how it was packed with all the amazing things a cookie should have. It is fudgy, chewy and it looks and tastes luxurious. The ruby chocolate gives off a bit of fruity flavor that went well with the cookies.

A quick note that it is recommended to put it in the fridge first for a better experience since it can be soft and warm if it's been exposed to room temperature for so long just like after I took photos of the cookies. Nevertheless, it still tastes good. 

It's sweeter than other cookies I used to have but it did not give me an "umay factor" after devouring one and a half giant cookies in one day. Would recommend this in a heartbeat.

Below is the price list if you want to try this Ruby Chocolate Cookies from Fet Boys,

Giant (approx 180g)
Box of 6 giant = ₱800.00
Box of 8 giant = ₱1000.00
Box of 12 giant = ₱1500.00
Regular (approx 60g)
Box of 12 reg = ₱480.00
Box of 18 reg = ₱780.00
Box of 24 reg = ₱1080.00

You may check other products they sell via their Facebook page at FET BOYS.

PS. Just a quick story time: The lalamove driver who delivered me this should be commended. I woke up with 12 missed calls and a message from an unknown number. He said he's from lalamove. My phone was in silent mode. I sent a reply the moment I woke up and read it, he called me and I told him to just deliver it once he's booked nearby. He was so understanding and I did not hint at any irritation or annoyance in his voice. He delivered it to me after 3 hours and I just kept on saying THANK YOU.

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