The Famed Salmon Sashimi Cake and Sushi Bake from SALMON HQ.

A few years ago, you wouldn't trick me into eating anything raw, let alone salmon sashimi even though it looks so enticing. But all of that changed about two years ago. Japanese food, especially sushi, became my comfort food of some sort. Suddenly, I am almost always craving and always looking forward to tasting Japanese food again. So, I am one happy girl when I discovered Salmon HQ!

Salmon HQ is known for its offering of fresh and premium salmon sashimi as well as the famed Salmon Sashimi cake. Aside from their main star, they are also now offering sushi bake trays, uni, tuna, wakame, and other varieties of every product they have.

This is their Salmon Sashimi Cake. It is 6 inches full of the good stuff inside and out. The salmon cover on the outside already looks so enticing. Inside it is a layer of sushi rice, spicy salmon salad, Kani, and ebiko that you'll surely love. This is perfect if you're a salmon lover, or if you prefer a nonconventional cake for yourself or someone you know.

I stared at the cake for a few moments before I started to eat it. The salmon smells fresh and tastes perfect with the dipping sauce. I love how it feels like it melts in my mouth in every piece I put in and how it glides smoothly within my tongue. I ate the while upper layer in one sitting!

Also, my cousin couldn't shut up about how the cake is made with so much effort and skilled hands of whoever designed it that way and I can't agree more.

This beautiful salmon sashimi cake is priced at 1,200 pesos, but you can order varying size or shape depending on your need and the price will also depend on your request.

This sushi bake tray contains the Unagi Madness Sushi Bake on the front and the Crunchy California Sushi Bake on the other side. My personal sushi flavor is California Maki, so it's a no-brainer that in this case, Crunchy California is my ultimate favorite. I love the mix of the savory and sweet taste of it and the overload toppings are such a mood! Unagi Madness on the other hand is also delicious. You can definitely smell the mixed stench of the fish roe and the unagi before you can take a bite which for me gives off a premium experience aside from the good taste.

This second sushi bake tray contains the Aburi Salmon Scallops Ebi Sushi Bake and the Softshell Crab and Ebi Sushi Bake. Both of the flavors of the sushi bake in this tray have distinct tastes but both also have almost the same hint of "grilled" taste to it, which I appreciate. Between the two, my favorite will be the Aburi Salmon Scallops Ebi sushi bake because scallops are the bomb, but I personally like the texture of the Softshell Crab and Ebu sushi bake whenever I chew it. Either way, they did not disappoint at all and they all made me appreciate sushi bake more.

The third trays contain one of their newly released product, the Seafood Wafu Pasta. It has scallops, salmon, and shrimp that you can see right off the bat. The ingredients are all cooked nicely but I wish for it to have more flavor to the taste. But I guess, we can definitely do so by adding more spices, right? It's one of the few moments that even though I am allergic to red-shelled seafood, I did not feel so much discomfort at all. I just feel a mild itch even though I ate quite a lot.

Anyway, the sushi bake trays are available in different sizes and at different prices.

  • Small Tray – P800/1-3 pax size is 6 3/4”x  5 3/4” comes with 1 seaweed pack.
  • Medium Tray – P1,600.00/4-6 pax size is 8” x 8” comes with 2 seaweed packs.
  • Large Tray – P1,800/6-8 pax size is 8 x 10 and comes with 3 seaweed packs.

The Seafood Wafu Pasta also comes at different sizes and prices.

  • Small tray P500 | Medium tray P1000 | Large tray P1500

You can check Salmon HQ on their Facebook page and their Instagram page for more information.

Everything is recommendable!

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