A bigger branch and better menu offering from Dadbod in Lucena, Quezon.

If I remember it correctly, it was around 2018 when our cousins told us about this small burger place they frequent because the burgers are delicious and budget-friendly. So, when we went to Lucena, I made sure that we can check the place out because I am curious. I didn't know that it'll be the start of our tradition to visit or eat at Dadbod everytime we will be in Lucena.

Their first branch in Hermana Fausta Street in Bayan, Lucena is the first place and the usual branch that we go to since it's the closest place to us. My cousins and I will always dedicate a time that we can come and eat there before we go home to Manila and it became one of our bonding moments here in Lucena.

Their menu consists of burgers in quarter-pounder and half-pounder size, drinks such as milk teas, lemon juice, and my favorite yakulade, and of course, fries with toppings. Their menu offering doesn't have a long list at that time, but they are always packed with customers. Their branch in Hermana Fausta Street has two floors but it's quite small to accommodate a lot of customers and it makes me wish they can have more branches.

Their second branch, which is in Red V is bigger and looks a lot fancier than their first branch. It's a bit far from our place in Lucena so I only dined there once, in 2019 when it happened that we were within the area.


This newest and also the third branch is just near the Diversion road. It's easy to spot on and can accommodate quite a lot of customers or even large groups. Just like their first two branches, the place is air-conditioned but you can also dine al fresco since they have tables and chairs outside, too.

They have a unisex comfort room which is really spacious and yes, they have a bidet!


Aside from having a bigger place, they also added a few things to their menu, which is, to me, a good move since this gives their customers more choices.

We tasted their BUFFED NACHOS and of course, their CHEESECAKE MILK TEAS, and we are not disappointed. Their pearls are the usual soft and chewy. I usually order my favorite drink which is YAKULADE but this time, I have to try their new offering and I am glad we did!



Of all the many times we ate at Dadbod, this is the first time that I ordered a half-pounder burger. I'd just usually have the regular quarter-pounder because I am already satisfied with that but I challenged myself this time. Surprisingly, I couldn't finish it in the store so I just brought it home.


This is me flexing all of the food and drinks we ordered. It's been more than a year since the last time I was in Lucena so I was excited to have their burgers and drinks again.

Would definitely try their rice meals and other drinks next time.

You may check their Facebook page via this link: https://www.facebook.com/DadbodBurgers

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