Visiting Upland Kafe at night in Silang, Cavite.

After a quick stint with newfound friends in Tagaytay last first day of 2022, we were able to drop by at this aesthetic coffee shop known to the locals of Silang, Cavite. You've probably seen photos of this cafe once or a few times in your newsfeed. Most photos and posts I've seen of this place are in daylight, making the place really shine and the aesthetic very pleasing to the eyes.

Upon seeing the photos circulating online of this coffee shop in daylight, I would love to see it the same. But unfortunately, that was the only time (We arrived there past 10pm and we thought they're already closed as per their schedule on Facebook) that we're able to drop by, and honestly, I wasn't disappointed. The night view is far more enchanting for me. The little lights and the white interior of the coffee shop are just as pleasing to the eyes just like I've seen in the photos.

We enjoyed the overall ambiance of the place. I also personally love the fact that it's been a few months since this place started to be well known and is obviously been visited by a lot of customers but the place is maintained neat and clean. The walls are just as white as what you'll see in the photos.

I would love to try their available snacks but unfortunately, we just had our dinner in Tagaytay when we dropped by and we are still very full. I even ordered my coffee drinks (yes, drinks with s because I ordered two cups!) to go because I plan to drink it while working that night.

I ordered Cappucino and Caramel Machiatto. Both are iced because I always like my coffee iced and cold. Hehe!

Cappucino - Between the two drinks, I love this one better because it's stronger. I love how it is creamy and strong at the same time. Halfway through, I just didn't like that it tasted like there's a weird aftertaste but overall, I would still have this one if ever I'll drop by again soon.

Caramel Machiatto - This is also good, but I'd have better-tasting caramel macchiatos from different coffee shops. This is a little too creamy for my taste but it doesn't really bother me that much.

My friend ordered Blueberry Frappe. My other two friends ordered brewed Iced Teas.

It was an overall pleasant experience. We love the outdoor space, white tables and chairs, and the self-service water station. I am actually surprised that the place is spacious. They have more tables available than I have anticipated.

Service is okay, too. We arrived quite late at past 10pm but a lot of people and customers still came after us. It is advertised in their Facebook page that they closes at 10pm but we're glad that they seemed to extend their time of operations, catering to more customers that can only come at night.

You may visit them at Shell Select, Silang, Cavite or you may check the map below.

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