Foodie Adventures | Richmonde Cafe Breakfast Buffet (Ortigas)

I love breakfast buffet. The first breakfast buffet that I experience in a hotel was when we stayed in Microtel Hotel in Pasay and it was also an awesome experience! This is the second time for me on a hotel breakfast buffet and before me and my mother went down from our room, I was actually excited on what the food selection would be.

The moment that the elevator at the second floor opened, you'll automatically see where you should be headed. We were greeted by an usherette who asked for our room number. Then we were escorted to a seat. The whole place looks posh and already very festive looking. With all the decorations and the overall look, you'll really feel that Christmas is just around the corner.

My mother and I went down past 6am, so there's not a lot of people around. My mom's a little overwhelmed with everything but she's really happy that there's a DIY salad bar. She's a sucker for vegetable salads.

They had me with the carabao meat and pork tocino. Haha! There's also tuna and ham. Then they have two potato dishes. One's sauteed potatoes and the other's potato salad. Of course I tried both!

They have everything that a regular buffet would have. I tried their rhum balls, it was too sweet. Glad that I only got one ball. Their bread selection and spreads are also eyed by my mother. She also likes breads. And I liked that they have salted and unsalted butter. Their juice isn't as tasty as they look, though.

This is the pancake, bacon and eggs station. We only tasted the bacon because we're already stuffed for pancakes.

My mom and her happy tummy! Lol.

This is my first and second plate. 

Overall verdict:

Service is good. They're fast in looking for and getting the empty plates so you don't need to stack them in the table. You'll have to request for water and they're also fast in getting them. They're polite and always smiling. Good vibes for the people eating there.

Food selection is also good for me. Although I didn't get to taste most of them cause I only focused on the ones that I really want to eat. I just hope the juices, or rather, the pineapple juice will be tasty. Haha. The ensaymada is commendable, big, tasty and very cheesy. And speaking of cheesy, I wish they have more cheese selection. That's what I was actually looking for.

The cafe itself is spacious and I love the ambiance. The posh look and cozy ambiance is a plus for me. We stayed almost one hour and a half because it feels comfortable.

For the price of 690Php for the breakfast buffet, I admit I find it a little pricey if you'll walk in and eat breakfast there. But as an inclusion for the stay there, it's a thumbs up for me. 

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