VENTE | Happiness For As Low As Php20 + Mini Haul!

Chaos. That was the first thing that I muttered to myself when I saw how many people are inside the VENTE store when we arrived there. The lines (yes, lines!) to the counter is long, people are still looking around and the products are all over the place!

This is the scene that welcomed us!

Usually, I'd opt not to go inside anymore, but I am really determined to have a look and for the experience, too! To be fair, the place is spacious if not for the chaos that's currently happening the time that we went there. The rack are spaced just right from each other and on normal days, people can really see the products well.

I already saw in one posts that they sell mugs here. The tumblers are already sold out (or they still have supplies, but wasn't able to put out because of the number of people) when we arrived. 

Let me share a few photos of their products.

Yes, everything you see is just Php20 each! That were just some of the products. I can't take a picture of some self because the line to the cashier was there.

In fairness, I can attest that the quality felt like good enough for a Php20 product. What I mean is, they can be really useful. I don't plan on buying anything at that time, actually. But I was compelled because of the things I suddenly 'need' in my life. Lol. 

So here's the things I bought.

Eight items = Php160.

2 Bamboo/Wooden placemats that I will use in my future flatlays or images for the blog. It's cute and very sturdy.

Cute notebook (again, for flatlays and future blog images) that I can add to my notebook collections. Lol. And a choker. I dunno, I've been wanting to try wearing and strutting one. 

They have a lot of earrings design, but what I was really looking for are the dangling ones. I wasn't really hoping to find ones anymore but I saw these two! One eyebrow pencil ( I dunno where the cap went) and a few ponytail band. Been wanting to buy those since forever.

So there you go!

You can find VENTE on Farmers Plaza, Cubao. They're on the first floor, same floor level with National Bookstores and Jollibee. In front of CD-R King and Poppori, next to Daiso.

I was just hoping that they can replenish their stocks because people are surely buying more for gifts!

Check them out! :)

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