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The first time I saw Pizza Grigliata's instagram account, I knew that their place isn't just a regular pizza place. The furnishings, the overall look as well as the warm and cozy ambiance of the place, for once, is truly exceptional. It's cold inside the place, but you'll soon be enveloped with the warmth of the ambiance.

We were ushered inside and got settled. We waited for Chef Emman who emerged from the kitchen, still wearing his apron proudly.

Chef Emman, making sure that the 'photoshoot' will have nice lighting and exposure.
While waiting for the foods, he talked to us about Pizza Grigliata and its humble beginning. It's really amazing how from just a concept or idea, they came up with a cart or a pop-up store for their grilled and torched pizza. He told us that they just used to join food bazaars and/or catering for events. 

Pizza Grigliata's brick and mortar store is just a few months old when we visited, but we knew instantly that they have potential. I particularly love how Chef Emman talk about the place and the business. He's so passionate about it. He told us that he and his business partners wants Pizza Grigliata to be a place not just for the tummy, but also for the heart. They want people to enjoy the food while also enjoying being there.

He said that he usually talks to the costumers especially when he feels like they needed someone to talk to. He wanted them to feel at home there. He wanted the people who will go there to feel that they can go back there anytime.

It was just a defining moment for me. Pizza Grigliata isn't just a business for them, but it is also their passion that they wanted to share to other people.

This menu is a display outside their store. You can already check out what to order even before going in!
While the food is being served, Chef Emman suggested that they can bring a table outside so we can take better photos of the food. He also helped us in the arrangement and all the jazz. He's quite a creative directed as well, aside from being a chef.

The photo above can tell how our efforts in the shoot has been worth it!

We then went back inside and since the lunch time was over, Chef Emman is free to still personally assist us. We exchanged stories while eating. He joined us while eating. We're literally having a wine and dine since he bought us wine to cleanse our palate every time we taste a different pizza.

Their pizzas are really tasty. It's different, not just for the way it was cooked but the flavors as well. Chef Emman said that they source their ingredients to different provinces while still making sure that it's fresh. One of their advocates is to support local farmers.

Signature Salad - 350 PHP
This is their Signature Salad. Its ingredients consists of orange, tomatoes, presto sauce, honey cottage cheese and basil. This one's easily our favorite. Who would know that these combos will be so dang delicious? We can't stop eating it and we ended up emptying the plate. I swear, this one's a must try!

Prosciutto Arugula Pizza - 400 PHP
Spanish Sardine in Beet Root Dough - 320 PHP
Margheritta - 280 PHP
Quattro Formaggi Pizza w/ Truffle Oil - 320 PHP
Don't they all look mouthwatering?

Just as I said above, the pizzas are very tasty. They have different and distinct taste that are foreign in my tongue. Tasting the pizzas is quite an experience for me.

The reason why the dough in Prosciutto is black is because it was mixed with a squid's ink.

Fried Garlic Parmesan Chicken Wings - 380 PHP
This chicken wings is tasty as well. And the overall presentation adds to the appetite of whoever would see them.

Yes, they also serve coffee! Hot and cold! Chef Emman is nice enough to still whip up coffee for us before we left! We enjoyed it so much.

Pizza Grigliata2/F 8 Missouri, Missouri Street, Greenhills, San Juan City
Contact: 0917-549-7310
Open from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. (Monday to Thursday) and 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. (Friday to Sunday)

You can also visit their other branch at The Garage in City of Dreams.

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