Breakfast at Cafe de Au | Virac, Catanduanes

One of the main highlights of my vacation in our province in Catanduanes last May is that I finally had the chance to stay for a day and a night in Virac, which was the capital of Catanduanes. It is where the ports and the airport is located, and it can be said that it is the most progressive town in the island. I have been planning of exploring it for a few years back but I haven't had the chance because of different circumstances.

Anyway, Cafe de Au has been one of the most 'well-known' cafe in Virac. It's just near the port, a walking distance away even. You can easily see them a few meters away the gate of the port. Since it's still early for us to check in to the hotel, we decided to spend sometime and eat our breakfast here in Cafe de Au since it's the nearest one in our itinerary.

We went too early, as they opens at 9am so we decided to book to our hotel first then we went back to take our breakfast.

I just found it a little weird that their kitchen is near the entrance and the whole cafe is at the second floor of the building. But nevertheless, the place at the second floor is quaint and very cute.

The overall look, feel and vibe of the place is overwhelming for me since I am not really used to seeing place like this whenever I am there. It feels surreal thinking that a few years back, you wouldn't see a establishment as near as how this place looks like. The rustic vibe that the wooden chairs, tables and floor is very pleasing to the eyes.

I enjoyed going around and taking these photos as we were the only customers at that time.

That wall is gotta be my favorite.. for obvious reasons!

Also, their lighting is cute! I feel like I was just somewhere in Manila since most coffee shops there seems to have this kind of chandelier or fixtures as well.

Their menu is quite extensive and I am really really impressed. I had a hard time choosing what should I try. We just want a light breakfast since we plan to have an early lunch to another cafe nearby.

We ordered Classic Nachos and Chicken and Mushroom Carbonara, then North Pole Frappuccino.

Taste-wise, their carbonara is okay, tho the bread is obviously burnt. Nothing special but I like it. The nachos are a bit unconventional since it is not the usual nachos. You should try it! It's not for me, but my travel buddy kind of liked it. Their prices are also okay for their food.

This wooden stairs adds charm to the place. I'd go back even for just the ambiance!

You can check them out at:

Salvacion St., Virac, Catanduanes

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