Going to Bagamanoc and Side trip to the Guest House.

I have been in Bagamanoc a few times before. It's the town near Panganiban where my mother's ancestral home is located. If I remember it right, I have been there three times before, but this recent visit was the longest one since we really went there for the sole purpose of my whim! lol.

It was a hot afternoon when I asked my cousins and my sister to find somewhere to eat at. There's this small snack house a few blocks away from the house. We used my Tita's Sister's tricycle with his brother as our driver. After finishing the snacks, I just thought of going to Bagamanoc because I have been wanting to see the big BAGAMANOC standee since last year.

Then we just continued to the town proper and tp the beach side.

It was scorching hot and the people nearby are looking at me because I was posing under the heat but whatever. I just wanted to document this visit so yeah.

And since we're already there, I asked if they know a place where we can rest for a bit and eat some snacks. They automatically told me about The Bagamanoc Guesthouse. Well, to be honest, it's not the first time I heard about it but it's the first time that I saw it personally.

It's a garden restaurant and I am honestly impressed because it looks refreshing for me. 

Unfortunately, it was brownout at the time that we went there so as much as we want to cool down with their flavored shakes, we just settled with their siomai, which they said is really tasty. We ordered three serving since actually just had a snack prior.

The siomai is home-made and made with real pork. It's really delicious! We were satisfied. We left after a few minutes of finishing our orders.

Of course, I had to ask them to take photos of me when I saw the old church and the statue near at the town proper of Bagamanoc. When I showed this to my Tita, she was amazed because she said looking at my photos, at first she thought that she had never been there because it looks so different with how she sees these places before.

Well, I am just glad that I was able to come to Bagamanoc this year, finally!

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